Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Woman, you are beautiful!

The past few years, I more often than not hear women complain about the way they look. Not that I have anything against women taking care of themselves and make themselves look even more stunning (In fact I love it), but everything should have a limit.

Why am I saying this? Well, for one, it's usually the most stunning women who curse themselves for their ugliness and the skinniest people who curse themselves for being fat. And it's absolutely ridiculous if you ask me, because these women are perfect in the way they are different. I am so tired of everyone trying to be the same mainstream slim model, who I - more often than not - don't even think is pretty. I am not saying that you shouldn't do something about yourself if you know there is a problem - just don't call in the big guns just because you got that extra kilo during Christmas.

However, I don't blame women for thinking the way they do sometimes (and on a side note, I don't claim to understand women - that would be an overstatement the size of Kansas). However, media today really tries to brainwash you into seeing that there is only one way to be pretty, which couldn't be farther from the truth. Just turn on your TV. In the next 30 minutes, I'll bet that you will at least see three commercials for make-up, fashion, clothes, hair products - all in which you have the same standard model. Now, open a magazine. I say at least 5 pages in there will be of the same sort of model. Is it really that weird women get confused? I even saw a commercial for plastic surgery in TV!

I just want to underline, that this is no way a generalization of women.

So, today I want all you who reads this to do the following. Go tell your partner or a friend of the opposite sex that they're are beautiful, handsome, hot or any of these kind o f words. I did! And you know what?

The smile you get in return is priceless.

Monday, March 28, 2011

What If?

The ever so famous "What if"? It has been a long time since I pondered thid last time, but today I was lying in bed thinking about it yet again. How different life could have been had I done something else, maybe on a particular day or in a particular moment, or with my life in general. What if I had chosen to really write that book I always wanted to write? What if I had taken that chance and spoken to that girl in the bar 5 years ago? What if I had pulled the tigger and killed someone when I was serving overseas?

There is and will always be these kind of questions. And what can we do about it? Well, for one, you know that all the choices you made so far in your life shaped who you are today. Looking back, I could probably have been richer, more famous or perhaps even some sort of star. But to be honest, I am who I am because of what I have done, and I am proud of it. Of course there is things I have done I am not particularily proud of, but they still shaped the man I am today.

Some, perhaps, do not feel the same way. Some may feel that life should have been different, and they should have made better choices in the past. To that, i can only say what the wise men said and learn from your mistakes. It is never too late to live out your dream, to get known for a your work or be the best in the sport you're competing in. This is the best thing about the choices in the past, don't you see? You've learned what not to do. And most importantly, most of the things you could have done in the past, you can still do today.

To make a better example, I always wanted to write a novel. For the past ten years, I've wanted to write a book poeple would know me by. Not fame, not the fortune, but to regonize me as the writer. For many years, I always thought "what if I wrote that damned book, I wonder where I would be today". Well, it not too late.

And someday you will see my name written as the author of a book.

Never think the choice it not yours. Carpe diem!

Friday, March 25, 2011

On in seventy-six million

The lottery is probably something that most of us have tried or dreamt about. Becoming a millionare overnight, going out and buying that car you always wanted or travel the world. I sure do the rare times I play the lottery. See, I got smarter over the years, allthough every once in a while I fall down the same rabbit hole into wonderland. Just like last night when I found out that i could participate in Europe's lottery, and just like that I got sucked into the black whole of dreams. 

The natural question is, what to do with all those millions? Besides buying a really bad ass car, travelling the world and helping poeple in need, i got no clue. Buy a house? Maybe two. Get a dog, and do whatever i what. I actually think i would try making a hotel and administrate it, just for the challenge. What would you do?

But! There was a reason in my sudden interest in the Euro Million lottery. And that is one in seventy-two million;

Those are were your odds this evening when the Euro Millions jackpot was released with a whooping £121,722,017! (For the americans, that's roughly 195.729.242,92 US dollars).

Im not really into gambling, and I think gambling is fine as long as youre able to restrain yourself to owe your local cartel a few hundred grand. I play the occasional poker, lottery (when the prizes are crazy like this) and in very, very, very rare cases a scratchcard. And then I've had a monster of a day!

So... Are you feeling lucky today? 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pray For Japan

During the recent event in the world, and considering how much this affects us all over the world, I've chosen to share my thoughts about the tsunami and the earthquake that hit the 11th of March.

Before I start, i would just like to extend my sympathies to everyone affected and who lost their family, friends or were otherwise hurt by this disaster. I pray that you will get back on your feet, and that whatever happens takes a turn for the better. And I wish I could do more for you.

That being said, I'd like to turn the tables to the people claiming Japan had this disaster coming. I keep telling myself that it is only cruel jokes, but I've been horrofied by poeple actually believing this completely. I've even heard a nun talking publicly that this disaster hit Japan because they do not believe in god. The are several pictures roaming the internet about americans laughing at this because of Pearl Harbor. Im not trying to generalize or pin the americans, because i know a lot of them a doing whatever they can to aid Japan, but this just gets on my nerve. I feel like screaming at them and shake them until these kind of thoughts makes a hasty exit out of their mind. Yes, Pearl Harbor was horrible, but no country, race, species, continent or living thing deserves such a disaster.

Another sad thing to observe is, that circumstances like these is when we see the real everyday heroes. The heroes that stay behind and do not expect to come back to their families. The workers at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant still work tirelessly at keeping of disaster. I particularily remember a translated Twitter message
ABC made with a daughter to one of the workers, who talks about how her mom reacted when the dad took off to help repairing the broken reactor. "I have never seen my mom cry like this. Poeple at the reactor fight and sacrifice themselves to protect you. Please, dad, come home alive!".

If you want more fact about the 11th of march disaster, you can click here.

On a last note, I will provide you a link to the Red Cross Society. Help out if you feel you can.

In any case, I pray for Japan. Do you?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Things First

Ok, so I finally got myself together to create a blog. It has been something i have been wanting to do for quite a while now, but I have never really gotten myself too much into it. So this is my blog about everthing and nothing in particular. What i choose to write about is probably heavily affected by recent personal experiences or recent events around the world. Please feel free to comment if you wish.

The reason i have chosen to call the blog "The Outspoken Mind" is becuase I want to _really_ speak my mind here. No gray zones, but the hard truth of what I feel about the particular content I'm writing about.

The reason I start this blog is to improve my writing skills. English is no my native language, so if you find mistakes I hope they will be minor (I will of course go through my blogs before posting them). And sometimes i write really fast, and I'm very good at making typos.

This blog is also created for finishing out the layout, so it wont be overly interesting to read. However, during the coming months, i really hope you will come back and enjoy my posts, and by all means, if you think there is a subject i should speak my mind about, please do not hesitate to speak your mind!